Learn Birkat HaMazon

with Rabbi Barry A. Kenter

These recordings contain Birkat HaMazon (Grace after Meals) as presented in the book, B'Kol Ehad, published by USCJ. The tracks have been provided to help you learn section by section. Although this is the full Shabbat version, you can hear the weekday version by skipping the tracks marked (Shabbat.)

Click to hear each recording in a new window or right-click to download to play on your iPod.

01 Page 42 (Shabbat).mp3
02 Page 43 (Shabbat).mp3
03 Page 44.mp3
04 Page 45.mp3
05 Page 46.mp3
06 Bottom Page 49 into 50.mp3
07 Middle Page 50 into 51.mp3
08 Middle Page 51 (Shabbat).mp3
09 Middle Page 54.mp3
10 Bottom Page 55 into 56.mp3
11 Page 58.mp3
12 Page 59 (Shabbat).mp3
13 Page 60.mp3
14 Page 61.mp3

You can find the text of the Grace after Meals in the BíKol Ehad ( beginning on page 42),
in the
Siddur Sim Shalom (beginning on page 755)
or download from the pdf from Jewish Virtual Library here.

Thank you to Rabbi Barry Kenter for reading and to Roger Reid for production and recording.