GHC's Caring Community: Our Kehillat Hesed

"As God shows loving-kindness in all His deeds, you too shall show loving-kindness to others."
(Deuteronomy, Eikev)


So often we wonder how we can be helpful. What can I do to comfort a community member on the loss of a loved one? How can I help a friend upon returning from the hospital? How can I support the parents of a new baby? Join the GHC Caring Community to become part of GHC's volunteer corp. Join by sending your name, email, and phone number to We will contact you whenever there is a need in our GHC community.


You choose when to help, and how to help, from a list of specified needs that the family has indicated would be welcome. Options may vary, but might include: providing a meal, visiting someone in the hospital, driving someone to a doctor's appointment, providing respite care for an ill person's family member, or making a shiva minyan.


Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub speaks of a weave of Jewish caring: from needy Jews to all Jews in need. Recognizing that each of us may have a need at a critical point in our lives, we encourage all to feel comfortable asking for help. Please tell the GHC Caring Community when you or someone you know is in need. As always, privacy will be respected and assured. Contact Rabbi or Cantor, or send an email, in confidence, to We can only help if we know there is a need.

Please share your time; share your resources. If you wish to financially support this initiative, please make your donation to the GHC Caring Community's Hesed Fund.

Rabbi Jay Stein - email:, or phone: 914-693-4260
Cantor Janet Leuchter - email:, or phone: 914-693-4260
Sheila Greenwald, Caring Community Chair - email: