Sisterhood's Leagram Program


One of the many ways Sisterhood serves the GHC Community is by sending Leagrams to ALL members of the GHC Family. Leagrams are hand written notes sent on custom stationery listing the names of all the caring members who support this effort by becoming a sponsor. This program is now open to all members of the GHC Community.

We define members of the GHC family as:
GHC members, Sisterhood only members, ECC parents, Religious School parents, GHC professionals & staff, Men’s Club only members. We include significant others of Sisterhood Only members and GHC professionals & staff.

Leagrams are currently sent in recognition of the following events:
Illness: to members if they require overnight stay in hospital or for a prolonged illness.
Weddings & Aufraufs: to members on their own marriage or their children’s marriage.
Births: to member parents and/or grandparents, of new-born children, within the GHC family and to those having a baby-naming at GHC or a bris at which our clergy officiates.
Bereavement: to members in situations where the person would be considered a mourner
Bar and Bat Mitzvahs: to member parents whose children are celebrating
Mazal Tovs: to members for special honors and awards, for milestone weddings anniversaries (25, 50, and above 60) and for birthdays age 90 and up.

Becoming a Sponsor for 2016:
Your support is crucial to continue this program. You do not need to be a Sisterhood member to receive a Leagram or to be a sponsor – just a caring member of the GHC family. Any member of the GHC family, who makes a donation of $40 to the Leagram program, will receive timely notifications (by your choice of phone call or email) of all these important GHC family life cycle events and have their name included on all Leagrams for the year. Your donation will help Sisterhood to send Leagrams, provide Shiva meals, Baby Books for Baby Namings and Brises, Gift for B’nei Mitzvahs and more.

Become a Leagram Sponsor Online

If you have not yet sent your donation, please do so now. If you have any questions, email Vivian Milefsky at leagrams@g-h-c.org.

If you have news of an event for which a Leagram should be sent, please let us know.