Greenburgh Hebrew Center offers a Free Courtesy Membership Plan

Published: Monday, August 17, 2009 7:00 am By: Betty Krulik

The Greenburgh Hebrew Center offers free courtesy membership to families whose oldest child enrolls in Greenburgh Hebrew Center's Kindergarten through second grade Religious School classes (Gan, Aleph and Bet) in September 2009.

Children in those classes enjoy learning about Jewish holidays, traditions, values, history, and the Hebrew alphabet. They participate in Social Action, services, special holiday and musical events.

Families will receive all the many benefits of membership at the Greenburgh Hebrew Center, including High Holiday tickets, at just the price of school tuition! Everyone is included in GHC's warm, embracing and spirited community, with fun activities for young families such as the Young Family Group's programs and Family services, as well as adult education, social action, religious, and cultural events.

The courtesy membership applies only for families whose oldest child is entering grades K, 1, or 2 (Gan, Aleph and Bet) in September 2009 (Gan tuition is $360 for all students.)

These families will enjoy the full membership package of the Greenburgh Hebrew Center from the time that their children are enrolled in the school through the end of the school year 2010.

Registration for the 2009-2010 school year at the Greenburgh Hebrew Center is in progress. For registration forms, or additional information, please contact the synagogue office at 914-693-4260 or