JTS Comes to GHC

Published: Thursday, December 22, 2011 7:00 am By: Arnold M. Eisen Chancellor The Jewish Theological Source: Chancellor Eisen's December 2011 End-of-Year Lette
Two students of The Graduate School and a recent alum have been selected to teach adult education mini-courses in Jewish Studies at the Greenburgh Hebrew Center in Dobbs Ferry, New York this winter. The four-session mini-courses are part of the JTS Comes to GHC program. Yoni Brukirer, a master’s student in Bible, will teach about archaeology; Zach Mann (GS ’06 and ’10), a PhD candidate in Modern Jewish Studies, will teach about Jewish identities; and Suzy Silk Rojas (GS ’11), with a master’s in Bible, will teach on lesser-known characters in the Tanakh.