Green Growth Going Mainstream

Jewish institutions in county pressing the sustainability issue as tikkun olam.

Published: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 By: Merri Rosenberg Source: The Jewish Week
GHC has been ambitious in its approach during the past few years. Some of its activities include an energy audit, changing light bulbs to energy efficient ones, using environmentally gentle cleaning products, changing from a black roof to a white one, turning on the meat refrigerator only when needed, having the religious school students plant a butterfly garden, participating in a CSA last year, keeping the thermostat at a lower temperature when the building isn’t in use and eliminating the carpool line, even solar lamps in the sukkah. There’s also a  “green team” of almost 20 synagogue members, to continue to identify ways to put these goals in practice and to encourage members of the community to adopt more sustainable practices,

At the Rosenthal JCC in Pleasantville, Sandy Haft, the associate executive director, said the organization is about to embark upon a solar panel installation. The JCC has already switched to energy efficient lighting and is teaching nursery school students about the environment by planting a garden.

“There’s a wonderful educational aspect to the program,” said Haft. “It’s meeting the Jewish mission of the organization. We can provide leadership. It’s important to do as a Jewish community center.”
That’s the idea, said Goldsmith. “We want our organization to be role models, and to share resources. We think this could be a model for the whole Jewish community.”

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