The Shabbox is here!

ShabboxWhat is it?

The Shabbox is an easy way to celebrate Shabbat at home. It contains everything you need to welcome in Shabbat:

  • 2 Challahs and a Challah cover
  • Wine and a Kiddush Cup
  • Candles and candlesticks
  • It also has an easy to follow guide and a book to enhance your experience.


How does it work?

  • request a box for a weekend that works for you
  • the box will be delivered to your home before Shabbat
  • Enjoy! Invite friends and family to share it with you.
  • Pack it back up: Return the challah cover, Kiddush cup, candle-sticks and guide to the box. The book, challah, and wine are yours to keep.
  • We will arrange to pick it up at a convenient time for you.


Bring the warmth of GHC into your home

Reserve your Shabbox today. Contact Rabbi Stein at 914-693-4260 or