Social Action/Tikkun Olam HIGHLIGHTS: Projects and Drives

Midnight Run (Gemilut Chasadim = Deeds of Loving Kindness) Members from a coalition of synagogues, churches, and civic organizations go into New York City on a rotating basis to feed, clothe and comfort the homeless. We distribute clothing, toiletries and personal items together with soup, juice, and sandwiches. It is a great family project proving to our children that we do make a difference! Participate in a "run" into the city; it is a chance to interact with the homeless and is an experience which gives back much more than you give.

If you want to go on the runs to NYC (especially teens) contact
If you wish to make food for the Runs, please contact Naomi Feinkind.  
For food preparation we need help with:
Sandwich Bags
 Sandwich of your choice on a whole grain bread  (no peanut butter and jelly)
 a hard boiled egg
 a soft fruit (banana, plum, orange, etc.)
 a treat ( Yodel, Ring Ding, Coffee Cake, cookies, etc.)
 a napkin
Pasta Salad spring and summer)
2 boxes pasta (your choice)
Soup (Fall and winter)
Hearty soup of your choice
 (4-6 quarts)