Our New Siddur

Siddur Lev ShalemGHC joins synagogues all across America and around the world, who are celebrating the arrival of Siddur Lev Shalem. To reflect its our diverse membership, our new siddur includes traditions from the vast array of Jewish cultures, including North African, Italian, Sephardic, Middle Eastern, as well as Ashkenazi. It is a prayer book for the community and it is a deeply personal tool for spiritual growth and connection. The siddur’s senior editor, Rabbi Feld said, he hopes Jews “will find material in the siddur that allows them to enter into the tradition without having to give up who they are.” At a time when many Jews are seeking new ways to express their spirituality, our Conservative movement has published a new siddur for Shabbat and festivals that offers fresh insights into the traditional text, revised Hebrew transliterations and revisions to make it both egalitarian and LGBT friendly. In the words of Rabbi Edward Feld: “It puts power back into the hands of the congregant — he or she is able to relate to the service in the way they want to.”

The new siddur is modeled after the movement’s successful Mahzor Lev Shalem, the prayer book for the High Holy Days. The new siddur has a four-column format that brings in the history and scope of Jewish poetry, as well as new commentaries that reflect the current day.

“If you want to know what Conservative Judaism is, look at this siddur,” Feld said. “It is respectful and understanding of the traditions and it lives within the 21st century.”