A proud ally of Mosaic of Westchester

Mosaic of Westchester, Enriching Our Jewish Community Through LGBTQ InclusionGreenburgh Hebrew Center (GHC), lives our mission and vision statement, which currently reads in part, “Our GHC family welcomes and includes people from all walks of life and from many communities within Westchester County, singles and families – traditional, interfaith, blended and LGBT.”

Our LGBTQ members, including those who are out, participate fully in every aspect of synagogue life. LGBTQ members read from the Torah and receive aliyot and other honors at our services. LGBTQ members are also active leaders in congregational governance and social activities.

Our clergy is supportive of LGBTQ members. Our clergy will perform a wedding or commitment ceremony for a Jewish same-sex couple and are available for lifecycle events for LGBTQ individuals and families (such as a baby naming). In addition, our clergy and staff are sensitive to LGBTQ issues, and available to discuss these issues in personal counseling with individuals, couples or families. Our rabbi is able to address any Halakhic (Jewish law) ramifications.  Further, our clergy is prepared to advocate for LGBTQ rights, including marriage equality.

Our community is committed to being not only inclusive, but welcoming. Our membership forms as well as our school registration forms, are gender neutral and LGBTQ-inclusive.  (Indeed, they are also couple and children neutral.) Our library contains materials on LGBTQ issues, and information about LGBTQ issues, activities and people can be seen elsewhere in our building. Our print and internet publications and our website include images of and information about LGBTQ issues or people.

Our clergy and many of our staff have received training on LGBTQ inclusion.  We are in the process of expanding this to include training for our lay leadership too. In this, as well as in everything else, we are continually striving to learn more and do more.