Learn Torah Trop

with Cantor Janet Leuchter

Learn Torah TropListen to Cantor Janet's Torah trop recordings and practice with the worksheet.  (You can download the recordings and print out the worksheet  as a PDF.)

Some readers at GHC and elsewhere may sing slightly different melodies to some trops.  The melodies here are the ones closest to how we at GHC sing the "v'ahavta" prayer.  In the biblical text, the trops come in repeating patterns which are familiar to anyone who attends services during the year.  With repetition, the trop can be learned easily.  

In applying trop to the words, the important things are:
1) to understand the trop patterns (since the trop works as punctuation), and
2) to accent the corRECT SYLlable--usually the one with the trop mark on it.

Applying trop to a text requires guidance, especially for beginners.  Cantor Janet offers introductory and refresher trop classes from time to time.  She is also available to work one-on-one and clarify any question, from beginners to advanced--whether in person, by phone or Skype!

Click to play or Right Click to download Trop mp3s

1 - etnachta group
2 - sof pasuk group
3 - (zakef) katon group
4 - kadma v'azla
5 - geresh
6 - r'vi'i group
7 - gershayim
8 - t'vir group
9 - pazer group
10 - zakef gadol
11 - y'tiv group
12 - segol group
13 - shalshelet
14 - mercha k'fula
15 - yerach ben yomo
16 - final cadence

Download Torah Cantillation (Trop ) Worksheet