Important Information Regarding Morning Minyan

For sometime now, we have been challenged to gather ten people at morning minyan. This has left many feeling frustrated. Therefore, in an effort to best support our members and to provide the best possible synagogue experience, we will be moving to "by appointment only"  minyanim for the duration of the summer, beginning on Thursday, AUGUST 1st. We will do our best to provide a minyan for anyone who wants one. If a member is observing a Yarhzeit and would like to come to minyan to say Kaddish, we will make every effort to gather enough people to make that happen, providing the request is made THREE days in advance. Requests can be made by calling the office or by sending an email to Dr. Andrew Goldstein, VP of Religious Affairs at

It is our intention that In the fall, beginning on September 3rd, we will offer morning minyanim on Sunday, Monday and Thursday mornings in addition to the "by appointment only" requests. We will of course, continue to have Kabbalat Shabbat services on Friday evening and Shabbat services on Saturday mornings. Please check the GHC website or GHC News for dates and times for all services.

If you would like to volunteer to support those requesting a minyan, please contact Dr. Goldstein, who will reach out to you when needed.

We hope you continue to have a wonderful and relaxing summer.

Respectfully yours,

Naomi R. Feinkind, President

Andrew M. Goldstein, VP Religious Affairs

Rabbi Jay M. Stein