Adult Ed Classes - OMG!

Date: Thu November 17, 2016Time: 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Location:  Chapel
Contact: Lynne Ecker Email:

OMG! or What  Jews Believe about God

Taught by Rabbi Stein

Rabbi Stein’s first mini-series, where he will explore with us basic Jewish tenets, how they’ve evolved over the years and how they still resonate today. Rabbi Stein aims to engage and inform us about the essence of Judaism.

Session 3 - Developing a personal Theology

In this session we will find where our personal belief fits in with others and our tradition.  Together we will develop the vocabulary to be able to defend what we believe and why. This practical session will help us explain how we arrived at what we believe.        


Session 1 - That's not the God I believe In - November 3

Session 2 - True Religion: It's not the name of a store it is a way of lifeNovember 10