Intermarriage: Outreach and Welcome - a Candid Conversation

Date: Mon April 22, 2013Time: 8:00 pm Contact: Sisterhood GHCPhone: 914.693.4260Email: RSVP: Click here to RSVP

IntermarriageWhen a Jew falls in love with a non-Jew there are questions to be answered - about the relationship, the wedding, traditions. Attitudes have changed and the answers may differ. Learn how intermarried couples can stay connected within the Jewish community and what strategies have worked for families.

Come join Rabbi Barry A. Kenter and Sisterhood GHC
for a discussion on this very important subject.

Coffee, tea and pareve refreshments will be served.

Everyone is invited.

לְכוּ-נָא וְנִוָּכְחָה | Come now, and let us reason together
-- Isaiah 1:18

From Rabbi Kenter:

For many years now it has been my privilege to be in the forefront of conversations about Keruv, Jewish outreach as we strive to more fully understand the impact intermarriage and changing attitudes toward marginalized populations are having on the Jewish community.  Families, like synagogue communities, need to learn how to make Judaism embracing for emerging generations. Each family, each synagogue, has its unique culture, and needs to develop its own strategy or strategies.

From the outset of my rabbinate I have been committed to connecting generations of Jews.  I am pleased that I have helped to enable to publication of a project of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, “Intermarriage: Concepts and Strategies for Families and Synagogue Leaders.” 

The discussion about intermarriage and marginalized populations continues to engage me and my rabbinate. Committed to, and bound by, my understanding of the halakha, Jewish law, and its interpretation by the Committee on Jewish Laws and Standards of the Conservative Movement, I have been part of serious discussions taking place within the Rabbinical Assembly about how respectfully to engage those who have been on the margins, remaining faithful to Jewish law, and making every effort to bring folk from the margins to the center of Jewish life.  As Conservative Jews, it is never easy to hold the center position. In an increasingly polarized world, it is vital that we continue to provide the balance so necessary to a civil discourse.

Please join me for a frank, candid, respectful discussion of intermarriage, keruv, outreach, concepts and strategies for families and synagogue leaders.