Message for the Week from Rabbi Stein

Stand with Israel

Rabbi Jay M. Stein on Friday, May 11, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

I get goose bumps every time I sing the line from Hatikvah proclaiming, “O then our Hope—it is not dead, Our ancient Hope and true, To be a nation free forevermore Zion and Jerusalem at our core.”  It doesn’t matter where I am, who I am with or under what circumstances I sing those words, I stand a little taller. I feel a little stronger.

Whether you agree with the government of Israel’s stance on pluralism, democracy or a two state solution, its existence is a modern day miracle. Decade after decade of war has put an enormous financial strain on its economy.  Nevertheless, it’s economy  has become one of the strongest in the world.  As war after war has taken some of the brightest and most creative of minds, Israel’s position as a hub of innovation is without question.  

Please join me on June 3rd to celebrate Israel.  For one day, lets’ put our politics aside and stand shoulder to shoulder as we  march down 5th Avenue.  There will be a bus leaving from the synagogue.  Please let us know you will be on the bus. “To be a free nation in our own land,” requires the Jewish community of the Diaspora, especially here in America, to stand with our people.  Bus leaves at 10:30 am.