Washing Leeks (video)

Debbie Jagoda

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 at 4:30:00 pm

Our farm partner for our CSA - Hilltop Hanover Farm - does an amazing job of washing our vegetables before delivering them to us.  Nevertheless, when preparing vegetables, we should always wash them ourselves.  This is true even when they're organically grown.  We may not be washing off chemicals, but we do need to make sure that we've washed off all of the dirt and "organic material" used to fertilize them.  It's especially important to thoroughly wash leeks.  The way they grow, dirt, etc. can get in between the layers, and you can only wash that out  AFTER they've been cut.  

Here's a link to one of the many videos available on-line that shows how to wash leeks.  This video shows two techniques:  first, if you're going to be using chopped or sliced leeks, and second, if you'll be using whole leeks.  There's just one caveat: It's true that - as is said in this video - many recipes call for just using the white and light green parts of the leeks, However, unless you really care whether your dish comes out white or light green rather than a darker green, I think this doesn't make much sense.  The dark green parts taste good too.  They just might need to cooked for longer.  So don't waste your delicious CSA leeks by cutting off the dark green parts and discarding them - Clean that part too and find a way to use them!   

Washing Leeks (video):  click here




Video - Sauteed Ginger Bok Choy

From Mary Kaye K. (posted by Debbie)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 8:00:00 pm

Mary Kaye cooked her bok choy from our first CSA bag by following this video.  Delicious and simple to cook!  For variations on a similar recipe, please see our post on June 10 containing a recipe for Spring Greens with Garlic Ginger Sauce.  

Watch Video Here



Chard Sauteed in Wine, with Lemon Juice and Parmesan Cheese

From Mary Kaye K. (posted by Debbie)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 7:00:00 pm

The chard in our CSA bags has been beautiful and bountiful!  Mary Kaye has used the recipe at the following link to cook some of it.  It's easy to make and delicious.  The chard is sauteed with garlic, then simmered with white wine.  Once the chard is wilted, stir in lemon juice and grated parmesan cheese for extra flavor.   

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